What is “Project Dark Skies”?

Light Pollution : Illumination of the night sky by electric lights, as in an urban area, that interferes with astronomical observation.

Artificial light is essential in our modern society. It has many uses including illumination of streets, roads and hazardous areas; for security lighting; to increase the hours of usage for outdoor sports and recreation facilities, to enhance the appearance of buildings at night. The increased use of lighting, however, can cause problems. Light in the wrong place at the wrong time can be intrusive.

Save night skies of India

Have you ever wondered where all the stars have gone? Milky Way galaxy is just a name in the textbooks, students don’t even realize that its out there to be seen with naked eyes.

PROJECT DARK SKIES is an effort to bring back the charm of unpolluted star filled skies back to present generation. It is a dedicated campaign for better use of lighting/lighting fixtures and other illumination devices used in our day to day lives, which will lead to efficient use of electricity and saving of electrical energy which eventually lead to less load on our natural fuel reserves. Project Dark skies is an initiative of SPACE.

Each one of us has been fascinated by looking at the moon and the sky above us. This fascination has now turned into an International race to inhabit locations and planet other than Earth. Mankind would soon require people knowledgeable in astronomy to lead it. The time is not away when there would be an ardent need of space engineers, space doctors. Every space settlement will have to be a self reliant society in itself needing settlers to fulfill the roles of space plumbers to space philosopher. Astronomy would bring a mass revolution our planet Earth. We at SPACE believe we are preparing the world for the future.

We are a NGO working in the field of science popularisation amongst the masses. It is a society registered under Indian society registration act. It is a team of dedicated and eminent Astronomers, Science Communicators & Educators. Through astronomy it aims to spread science and an attitude of rationale questioning and experimentation amongst children.

The society is a pioneer in introducing astronomy as a subject in the form of a regular co curricular activity in the Indian Education system at school level. It conducts clubs, courses and workshops for school students in various schools. We have trained more than 30000 students in astronomy and are running our clubs in around 130 schools in Delhi & NCR, Hyderabad, Banglore and Kolkata. The Society also has Space Nodal Centres across the length and breadth of the nation to popularise astronomy.